Friday 26 September 2008

DCM: king (or queen) for a day

It just so happened that I did a couple of cards the other day - very simple ones - that fit in with today's DCM dare.

I don't know why, but the scan has chopped one side a bit - the actual cards have a proper symmetrical pattern.

Boxes of notelets

Over the past few days I've made batches of notelets. Today I've made boxes using a template with my craft robo - the lids have acetate in them - a bit fiddly, but worth it for the end result. Some of the boxes have notelets of the same design and some are assorted:


Having done a calendar for my Salt challenge this time, I've made some more for tomorrow's TEAR Fund sale. I did a couple of each of the following (photos are not good because I'd already bagged the calendars so the light reflected):