Friday, 9 November 2007

HS:MS disturbed

' feeling you get when something unexpected happens - or in my case expected!!! . Can you find it through your lens?'

I still haven't got curtains at this window. We did manage to get into Bromley yesterday afternoon and get them from Laura Ashley, but I've spent today crafting in between moaning about my back and taking painkillers (as usual) and so we haven't done anything to get more sorted out. I took the curtains out of the pack and they need pressing before putting up.

The upshot of this is that there is still a bare window and I feel a bit disturbed that I'm sitting here. This window faces our back garden, which is big, but to the right beyond is a road, a quiet close, and at the back is an alleyway that leads to where our garages are. So the only way really that we would be overlooked would be if someone was around who shouldn't be. It's more a feeling that something unexpected might happen than it actually is.

I took the first picture with the light on and the second one with it off - hardly any difference. The third picture was taken with the 'night portrait' feature, which has given a strange effect, mainly because it's not actually a portrait! Just thought I'd give it a go. I haven't edited any of them - they're just as they were taken (which is obvious really, because they're just snaps!):

CBC big challenge 13

CBC big challenge 13: peg it: 'and I NEED A PEG - not just any peg a fantastically tarted up peg!!'

Here's mine - handy for keeping receipts together:

CBC big challenge 11

CBC big challenge 11: it's a picture: 'I would like you to make a GIFT using a photo. Now the obvious one here is a PHOTO FRAME. SO AN EXTRA 5 POINTS if you make something other than a frame.'

So I decided to make a fan, based on a robo template. I printed out photos of roses that had been given to me in the summer and photographed (I think I showed them on here at the time):

CBC big challenge 7

CBC big challenge 7: another shape: '…….and a shaped card for this one NOT one that you used for the CBC crew challenge ooo and THIS HAS to be a CHRISTMAS card.'

This is certainly not one of my best efforts. It's a bauble card which puts together three pieces to make a 3D hanging card (from the Anna Griffin kit). It will sort of stand on its own or hang, but couldn't get a photo of it properly, so asked John to hold it - still didn't get any good photos, but it will have to do:

CBC big challenge 3

CBC big challenge 3: it's a gift: 'WE NEED A PRESSIE!!! so whatever you like a present for someone handmade and fabulous'

This is the result of the model car that I cut on the robo but only had oriental instructions to put it together! I sat and worked it out this afternoon (wasn't exactly rocket science but was fiddly):

A present for John - lol!

CBC big challenge 17

CBC big challenge 17: a picture: 'I want you to make a card using a PHOTO
You may also make a LO if you prefer. An EXTRA 5 points if you use NUMBERS on your project.

This is a card for friends' ruby wedding anniversary:


CBC big challenge 4

CBC big challenge 4: marathon project: 'And for the MARATHON PROJECT in this challenge I want you to create either a calendar OR a mini album.'

I decided to make a calendar which I can use for one or two presents. Each month shows a photo of one of our family pets, past and present.