Monday 14 April 2008

I meant to say

Thank you to all of you who commented about mum - she was able to join us yesterday for lunch.

In the morning John and I managed to get to church together. There were some really prolonged showers - we would have been caught in one if a friend hadn't kindly given us a lift from church to the restaurant.

We were worried about mum because she moves so slowly with her wheelie frame that she would really get soaked, but, fortunately, by the time her taxi was due the rain had stopped and the sun came out.

Mum really enjoyed her meal (so did we) and said how pleased she was that she had got out. And, even though it rained again heavily when we were in there, it stopped just before we left, so mum had a taxi home and dry.

HS:MS puddle

The prompt today: puddle: 'A small pool of water. Find a puddle in your space today.'

This morning has been beautiful sunshine here and no sign of any puddles. However, early this afternoon I was sat here with the sun streaming in and suddenly there was a tremendous clap of thunder almost overhead. I went and looked out the front and, yes, it did look stormy! It then began to rain, but not for long. John needed to go to the hospital for blood test and Xray and I needed to go to the PO, so we waited for the rain to stop and went over to get a bus. As I went into the PO the rain came on again and, although it was quite a quick shower, it was quite heavy.

I came out of the PO and went to the bus stop to go back to the hospital to meet John. What did I see but a few little puddles dotted here and there. And the prompt does say 'small pool of water'. The only trouble is that there were a couple of people at the bus stop and I thought it would look really odd to get my camera out and be seen taking pictures of the road! I waited till they were in conversation and looking the other way, whipped the camera out of my bag and took two very quick shots looking each way. Then I decided that the second one would look better if I zoomed in on the puddle, so I went round the side of the bus stop where they wouldn't be able to see me and took the third picture.

What some of us do to join in!