Monday 30 June 2008

Bubblyfunk CJ

A new CJ group has started on Bubblyfunk forum and tomorrow is the first posting day. The subject for mine is 'schooldays'.

I used some papers that I bought ages ago at Poundland and thought I'd never get round to using - they are bright - and seemed just right for this CJ. I also used various chipboard letters etc from a big lot of chipboard I bought from QVC.

Apologies for the photos, but evening flash and all that. Why is it that whatever I do red irl still looks too pink in the photos?




My DLO left - there is a hidden journalling tag, but for the time being it will remain hidden:

My DLO right:

Sign in pages:


Friday 27 June 2008

Tanda Teaser 'canine capers'

Wendy set the Tanda teaser this week: 'CANINE CAPERS - I would like to see dogs on your cards. Lots of lovely doggies - there are no restrictions with this one - use whatever products you have to hand.' Sorry to hear though, Wendy, that little Chloe is poorly - hope she's better soon.

Well, no surprises from me really - used the Josey look-alike labrador stamp for this simle card (similar to one or two I've done before, but I love this stamp, for obvious reasons):

It's a poor photo because you can't see the gold effect on the white card - iridescent - but at least you can clearly see the lab, which is the main thing!

Satisfyng stamping session

The brief on CBC for this month's swap is to use card other than white or ink other than black. I like doing these rubber stamp swaps because it's an opportunity to do a few extra for myself at the same time.

The first stamp is a foam one I got in a set the other day from QVC - very good value for the size of the stamps (have to watch the ink on the edges though - I might resort to using the craft knife to chop them down, but they are on quite deep foam).

Thursday 26 June 2008

Wimbledon v Crafting

The last couple of days have been a bit up and down - back to the GP yesterday to get advice about the stye on my eyelid that won't go, so still can't wear my contact lenses, which isn't making me a very happy bunny - and also about the query of more vertebrae fractures - waiting for an appointment to see someone regarding the posibility of surgery to cement the vertebrae. Also time and thoughts taken up with family issues.

Anyway, there is also the big dilemma - Wimbledon v crafting!! It's been a very British day today, of course, although only Andy Murray now going through to the next round.

In between watching the tennis (and there's only so much you can sit and watch) I've been still working on my little houses.

Yay! I've got them finished - all 21 of them. The photos aren't brilliant because I've only just taken them, so they were flash, but here they are:

Btw I apologise to crafting forum and blog friends that I haven't been visiting as much over the past few days (and it's not just Wimbledon to blame, but a combination of reasons) - normal service will be resumed soon!

And I also remember that I was tagged and haven't done anything about it, so more apologies (although actually it's similar to one I've done a couple of times before).

Sunday 22 June 2008

Little houses

Nothing to show from yesterday -iIt's not that I haven't done anything, because I did make quite a few cards for stock yesterday, even though I didn't feel like it. I bagged and labelled most of them (don't usual do this and regret it later) and I can't be bothered now to undo them and take photos. They were all quite simple cards to fill some of the stock gaps - a lot of them were made using bits that I'd prepared ages ago and never used - my own toppers, stamped images etc. I'm hoping to take some to the local school summer fair soon and then will prepare for a sale for TEAR Fund in September (so I ought to start on Christmas cards).

Since I got up yesterday morning my back has been particularly painful (think I might have any fractured vertebra) so I'm trying to forget the pain and do a little crafting.

A while ago I signed up for the Little Boxes on the Hillside project swap. When I signed up the prospect of making 21 houses didn't seem that bad ...

I decided to cut out all my various shapes for the houses and then, to make them more substantial, stuck each one on to some white card. Oh dear ... what a mistake (I think) - I was going to heat emboss on to some, but now I don't think I'll be able to, because the heat will probably cause the adhesive to separate the card from the card backing. So it looks as if I'll now have to make another layer to do any heat embossing and then stick that on the house shape.

So this is what I've achieved (or not!) so far - a pile of vaguely house shapes:

It's a start!

Thursday 19 June 2008

Bumbleberries CJ

It's my turn to add to Isobel's fab 'Poems to Ponder' CJ - well, actually, I don't need to post this till next Friday - for a change I've got it done early (which is quite surprising as I feel poorly today).

Anyway, the poem I've chosen 'Warning - when I am an old woman I shall wear purple' seemed to fit in well with the tone of the CJ so far. I love ths poem, and now that I'm already 60 I think it's time to put it into practice!

I used K & Co red hat society papers (couldn't resist - so appropriate) and other bits and bobs.

I loved reading the poems that Isobel and Kathy had already chosen and look forward to seeing the rest of Isobel's book when she's got it back.

I love these CJs - I've now got a new one to start for the group on Bubblyfunk - that needs to be posted on 1 July, but I'm going to try to get it done ahead of time.

May/June CBC ATCs

At last I've managed to do my 'Rip & Tear' ATCs for the swap on CBC.

The one on the left has torn vellum and the one on the right has a flower picture torn twice (difficult to see here). I overlapped and fixed at the back with sellotape so that there was no adhesive used on the front of the ATCs. I thought the little dragonfly brads just added a touch. The right hand side of the cards is stamped with a border stamp with Brilliance galaxy gold and clear embossed. The base card is actually a slight rainbow effect, which subtly changes the look of the vellum.

Salt: Rejoice in the Lord

It's time today for a new Salt challenge, this time set by Ruth who says:

The Bible says to Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS.

This is a verse that I keep meditating on as its one of those that pops into your head, but is very hard for your heart to grasp sometimes.

When we go through trials, or we can see others suffering, getting to the truth of this verse is vital.

It doesn't say Rejoice for the sake of it, it says Rejoice in the LORD, the one who has saved us from the punishment we deserve, the ALMIGHTY one, who LOVES us so much.

My LO uses 'The Message' version of the verse from Philippians 4:4. I cut the big circles on my cricut. The plain cardstock is DCWV textured and the patterned piece with all the 'celebrate, fun, good, food' words etc is an odd one that I've had for a long time and can't remember where it came from - it just seemed right for this verse. I thought the stapled raffia would make a change from ribbon. The 'celebrate' at the top left is K & Co chipboard.

I love seeing what my fellow Salt friends have come up with and they never cease to amaze me with their creativity and today is no excepton - beautiful work from everyone.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

What a beautiful surprise!!!!

Last week I had an intriguing email from a dear crafting friend, Sue Hyde, telling me that in a day or two I would receive a card from her, but I wasn't to open it until a parcel had arrived. Obviously this was a surprise of some sort and I hadn't a clue what it was about.

Sue's card arrived on Monday and I have to admit I was soooooo tempted to open it, but I didn't.

When I got back home at lunchtime today after visiting friends, there was a big parcel waiting for me. I opened the card from Sue:

which explained what the mystery was all about. Sue, Sharon and Nicki (from Switzerland) have been involved in some charity stitching projects. They were ready for another project and read about John having to give Josey back. Sue said: "It made me feel so sad to think how the two of you must have been feeling so I had a word with Nicki and Sharon and we decided there and then that we waned to make a little something to brighten yours and John's day. You can open your parcel now and be assured ... there's love in every single stitch."

So I opened the parcel, in which there was a card from Nicki:

and two most gorgeous cushions:

We are so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness and generosity of these dear friends. I know how much effort was put into the stitching involved to produce these beautiful cushions.

Tuesday 17 June 2008

Look what postie brought today

Postie's delivered some goodies today.

Firstly, a couple of paper pads that I ordered from QVC last week in a moment of weakness:

Next, a pack of card blanks from a friend (she was returning something borrowed and enclosed these as a thank you for helping her with computer problems):

Last, but not least, is my prize for getting the most points in the May weekend challenge on CBC:

Sympathy cards

Sadly, I needed to make two sympathy cards to send. I did them both the same, with a mat of mulberry paper, then card topped with the two lilies:

Sunday 15 June 2008

Just Bex 13 June challenge: Make a Note

I was commissioned to make a card for a man who is an organist and pianist - the request wa to add the words: you're the best.

So this seems very appropriate for the challenge on Just Bex set by Sue, who said: 'MAKE A NOTE
that's it you can interpret this anyway you like
maybe a Notebook, a clipboard. a LO with song Lyrics, a music inspired card
let your imagination run riot'

The main image is one that I received a long while ago in a swap and the main background is matching in Conqueror Concept Iridescent Silica Blue, which doesn't take a photo well, and particularly not in artificial light (and a scan was worse) - I'll try and take a better picture in the morning before I deliver the card.

This picture taken in daylight is a much clearer one of the image, but doesn't show the sheen of the iridescent card:

Saturday 14 June 2008

Anniversary card

I made this for my niece's anniversary. The torn paper with green pattern is Making Memories, other bits from stash:

Just realised that this fits an old challenge on Just Bex for 'spots, dots and circles' so I'll add it there, as I never did do that challenge.

Thursday 12 June 2008

Bubblyfunk spiritual challenge prize

I received this smashing prize today from Caroline on Bubblyfunk - my name was drawn out of the hat as the winner of the spiritual challenge that Caroline recently set.

This was the card that I did for it (sorry, I have shown this before):

Thank you, Caroline, for a lovely prize - I haven't got a date stamp, so that's just right and love the angels!

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Paper 'n' Lace Birthday Box challenge

This is the first challenge I've set on Paper n Lace forum.

The challenge is to use a box and alter it to house cards, with dividers for the months of the year, to help with planning.

I used an old laundry tablets box, which was just the right size for my cards. It’s about 7” wide and 6” high, so it will house A6 and 6” x 6” square cards (I seem to do quite a lot of these now). Obviously, your choice of box to start with will be determined by the size of card that you tend to work with.

So, the challenge is to find a box – any old box will do – it doesn’t even have to have a lid (in fact, it probably would be more useful without it) and ‘tart’ it up. It doesn’t have to be done in the same way as mine – you may well have some much different ideas.

I’m really not that good with altering things, but this is what I’ve achieved, so if I can do it, anyone can.

I used Basic Grey Cupcake papers to cover my box and various sticky ribbons to conceal the joins. Of course, you can use any papers of your choice.

Front of my box:

Back of my box:

Side view:

I’ve made divider cards for the months of the year – I printed a grid so that I can make a note of up and coming birthdays for each day of the year.

I then printed the months of the year, cut them and stuck to the tops of the divider cards.

If you fancy having a go at this challenge (there's a prize for the one voted as the winner)

and have a go.

It's a lovely, friendly little forum - why not come and join in the fun?

Saturday 7 June 2008

Why, oh why?

Why, oh why, do I buy things, thinking they will give great results - and then keep them for ages, wondering what I'm going to do with them and why I bought them in the first place?

I bought a QVC TSV - 12 x 12 papers, cards, etc - Carol Wilson - very elaborate and fancy - the kind of cards that are almost made already. I decided yesterday afternoon to get them out and do something with them (having sold off some of it on ebay).

I still have quite a few 12 x 12 papers that are elaborately embossed and I'm not sure that they will ever get used.

When I bought it I felt that the cards might well appeal to the more mature ladies who come along to my sales for TEAR Fund - sometimes the 'flowery' cards appeal, so I'm hoping this will be the case (my next sale will be in September) as I've now made 16 of these cards altogether (and still have more of them, although not so ornate).

All of the cards have apertures, so that anything that's put in the middle is actually on the inside of the card.

I've used a flower made from Sizzix daisy die and DCWV pocketful of posies papers (I've actually demolished the flowers that were in a vase on my windowsill and am going to use them now on cards):

On the next three I've used textured rub ons (you can't tell from the pictures that they are textured, but irl they look better):

The last two have paper stuck on the right hand inside of the card - using some of the papers that was in the CW collection:

There wasn't much crafting involved, but I've been able to add to my stock (in the hope they will sell).