Friday 29 August 2008

HS:MS Y for Yoyo

Having logged on to the internet and put the previous post on with photos from today, I looked at the HS:MS prompt for today and found that it was Y. I thought I had no hope of finding anything, but, when I went back up to our room, I went on the balcony and realised that there were a few trees that might qualify for Y, so here they are:

I also took these shots while I was there (I think there's a certain appeal of the sea at low tide, in a rugged sort of way:

Wot, no sun?!

Where has the sun gone? No sign of it today - just a mist across the sea, that nearly engulfed us as we got off the tour bus near Beachy Head for a coffee break this morning.

This afternoon we caught a bus to the Sovereign harbour:

Didn't take any other photos there, because I've got quite a few from the past, although this is an ever-changing place with more new buildings.

So, back on the bus to the pier area and the carpet gardens:

Poor John was left sitting on a seat while I walked up and down to get a few photos:

'Is she coming back soon?'

Ah ha, she's been stalking the gulls: