Wednesday 26 July 2017


It's Wednesday, so it's time for WOYWW 425 - please click on the link to find out what it's all about (is there anyone in the crafting world who doesn't know what it is?!?!) and join in the fun.

On my WOYWW last Wednesday I said: 'I hope to return again next week and show some more of my craft room - in fact, I'd like to think that the sorting and labelling will be finished ... but I keep hoping that - lol!.'

Well, I'm pleased to say that quite a lot of progress has been made and I'm able to share quite a lot of photos, although it's still a work in progress ... think it might always be, although I really do like to be organised and long for the day when everything's sorted and labelled. I think I've come to the conclusion that I have too much crafting stuff ... did I actually just say that - lol!! Surely, you can never have too much!

The room that I craft in is really a second bedroom, but there's no way that you could get a bed on here - lol! There's a built in wardrobe - we use the right hand part of it to store our coats, but the left hand side is shelved, so that houses some of my crafting stuff. Because the shelves are deep, I have to put boxes in front of boxes which does mean that I need to remember what's behind. It's been very helpful to have everything out to sort through, although I confess that some of the boxes have gone back without being labelled because I ran out of enthusiasm. My ultimate plan is to draw up some sort of table that shows what's on each shelf and stick into inside the door ... but there are lots of other things to be done first.

And then there are the trolleys that house my really useful boxes - they came with us in the move from our maisonette. I've been through quite a lot of the boxes, sorted and labelled, but there are still some to do. We recently had the shelf put in above some of the trolleys so that I could display some of my wooden stamps and I couldn't resist putting the fairy house in the middle.

The big box on top of the right hand trolley is to house any 'work in progress' (really meaning anything that needs to be put somewhere ... but where?!!

As for my workdesk, you can see that there's only essentials on there atm, including the vital cup of coffee ...  and labels still to be put on the right boxes and the dymo at the ready to create more.

Although it might look organised ... well, it is to a certain extent ... there are still boxes that need to be sorted a bit more and labelled. I think now I need to have a rest from it all and get some stuff out on to the workdesk and make some more cards.

Now I'm off to link this for WOYWW 425 and then have a look at what others have been up to - that might be a bit later today.