Tuesday 4 November 2008

CBC ATCs under the sea

The topic this for the October ATC swap on CBC was 'under the sea' (we've been going through the alphabet and it was hard to come up with a topic for 'u').

I had some coral reef background paper that I scanned and reduced in size. I then printed on to acetate and threw some clear detail embossing powder and a bit of holographic over it as soon as it came out of the printer, which gave a sprinkled effect. I ran the acetate through my xyron with the embossed side down, so that the surface of the ATCs are smooth. The acetates were then stuck on to a light greeny blue card, and the other bits and pieces added:

In the end, I enjoyed doing this. ATCs are a good way of trying out different things (not so much wasted if things go wrong - and they did at first - I tried embossing with other powder but it wasn't effective).

The word on HS:MS:HS today is shimmer: 'To shine with a soft glistening light. Find a 'shimmer' in your space today', so I think my ATC photos qualify that that too.