Sunday 2 November 2008

A nostalgic afternoon

I know this is a crafting blog, but so far today I haven't got any crafting to show, because I've been sorting through old photos. Ages and ages ago (and here I feel guilty), I brought all mum's old photos home with the intention of sorting them (oh, what a mammoth job that has proved to be) and scanning so she can see them on her digi frame that we bought her last year, or scrap some. I also have boxes of my own photos from way back, as well as all those that we've accumulated since we married.

What a task!! I originally went through a lot of mum's with her and made a note of who was who, but there are still some that I'm not sure about, so we're going to have to have a get-together to sort these out - I know that mum will enjoy doing that.

John's vision is so poor that the average sized photo is hopeless for him, so we've bought two 10" digi frames and the idea is that I'll put photos on memory cards to use with these - and from time to time we can also show these on the television, which, if he sits near enough, he can see.

So I've resolved this afternoon that once the Christmas fair at church and at mum's sheltered accommodation is over and I've made enough Christmas cards for our own needs, I'll stop cardmaking for a while and concentrate on sorting out the photos.

As I'm declaring this here, I might stick to it!

We also have quite a lot of the little video tapes from the camcorder that have never been put on to video - and now, anyway, they need to go on to DVD, so that's another vast job to be done. Here again, this needs to be done so that John can have a chance of seeing something on the TV screen.