Wednesday, 27 June 2007

I'm only three weeks behind everyone else!

At last I've finished off the front and back cover of my craft folder for the June project on Just Bex. So that's a start. I need to decorate the inside and then do something with the dividers, print a calendar and insert projects etc.

Today's post

I received this from Christine (Charliecat) for the postcard swap on Carolyn's.

I also received a gorgeous keyring from my secret sender on Carolyn's (I'll take piccie later when time permits).
And I received another page for my Style fat book on Paper n Lace - this time a gorgeous page from Susan. When I've received all my pages (and made my own) I'll show them.

Beside the sea

Here I am again after an absence of nearly a week. The past week has been taken up with sorting my craft stuff and getting it moved out of the spare room ready for the room to be fitted. We're waiting for the phone call to tell us whether the workmen will be here tomorrow or Friday. John has been so good moving my boxes (because of my back I'm unable to help much) and now we have piles of books and boxes in every available space in the lounge (plus quite a few boxes in odd places in bedroom wardrobes). It will all be worthwhile when the room's done, but at the moment I'm trying to catch up with some crafting and I can't readily find what I need.

Anyway, here is my CJ for the group on Just Bex. It's a small group (just four of us) so it won't be too long to wait to get this baby back.

I've enjoyed doing this and am so glad that the seaside QVC scrapbook papers etc arrived in time (began to think they were lost in the post), although in the end I've used a fair bit of other supplies because I had to get started before it arrived.