Wednesday 2 November 2011


It's Wednesday again and time for WOYWW 126.

When you see the picture below you'll think that it's nothing special - just three piles of card/papers, but oh!! the delight of those piles - it's a 300 Christmas card order for my friends' local accountancy firm.

I was given a scanned drawing of their building which I digitally altered, putting some snow on it and adding some carol singers, a Christmas tree and a border of holly and ivy. I worked on this for some time - in the end I had so many versions on my computer that I was in danger of forgetting which was which. Anyway, with a lot of tweaking I was finally satisfied with the design and started to print.

When I did cards for them last year I had to waste a lot because ink smudged from the front of one on to the back of the other. I took advice on the card that I used this year, which is supposed not to smudge with inkjet, but wasn't taking any chances, which is why the cards are interleaved with paper.

Today's job has been to score and fold each card - it's surprising how long that can take.

I can't show the cards here, but you can just get a little peep at the one on top that I'll be keeping for reference.

I just can't believe they're all done now!!

My next job this evening is to make a couple of baptism cards that I've been asked for - at least I've got a nice clean space to use when these piles of cards are moved.

Update: I've been given permission to show the card, do it's now here (and last year's too).