Sunday 27 May 2012

Suzie's 365 photos day 148: unfinished

I'm glad I found out what Suzie's day 148 prompt was before we had lunch today.

This is my unfinished seafood pizza:

And a bit later this was John's unfinished Hawaii pizza:

A bit later they were both finished and the plates were empty - a lovely lunch (particularly because I didn't have to prepare it and it was eaten in lovely surroundings).

Suzie's day 147: cleanliness

It was easy to find a photo for Suzie's day 147: cleanliness - the bathroom in the hotel where we're staying:

Suzie's day 146: boring

When I saw Suzie's day 146: boring on Friday I wondered what I could depict that was boring, bearing in mind that this was my first full day on holiday in Eastbourne. We strolled along the prom and soon discovered that the bandstand is being renovated, so it isn't in use atm - which I think is quite boring (well that's the only thing I could find):

Suzie's 365 photos day 145: soft

Having come to Eastbourne on Thursday, I've got a bit behind with Suzie's photos prompts. I thought I'd try to do a few so that I don't get too far behind by the time I get home, so here is my 'soft' for day 145 - I'm showing some soft lighting - I played around with filters to soften the whole picture - not sure it's worked too well though.