Sunday 1 February 2009

Mixed Media Monday: art that represents your country

This card for the challenge on Mixed Media Monday started off with the piece of acetate that had the word Seaside on it - I thought that seaside is appropriate for the UK because, wherever you live, you're never that far from the sea in our country.

But the piece of acetate was too large for a normal card (it was originally cut from a 12 x 12) so I folded a blue A4 card in half lengthways and used that as a base, running the acetate through my xyron to stick over the rather stormy picture (perhaps typically British!) and the deckchairs (deserted - equally typically British?). Just the addition of the ribbon and the tag.

I had to scan the card because there was no chance of getting a photo because of reflection on the acetate, but this means that the words top and bottom have been chopped a bit (down by the seashore).

And now I have a problem - I have no envelopes for this card to fit into - and I don't think I can make one because even a 12 x 12 wouldn't be long enough.

Rosie Dee's challenge 19 + Lots to do 5

Last Sunday Rosie set challenge 19 on Rosie Dee - to create 'something borrowed, something blue'. I decided earlier in the week that I would 'borrow' one of John's handkerchiefs and cut a piece to put in the pocket of a shirt card.

It's a pity that I didn't think about lining up the pocket with the background pattern before I stuck the background on, but I didn't! I might make another one that does match up, but I wanted to get this on here because there will be a new challenge on Rosie Dee any minute now!

As there is stitching on the hankie, I'm linking this for challenge 5 this week on Lots to do: 'In stitches' (this is a bit tongue in cheek - will try to do another 'proper' in stitches card later in the week, but thought this would be a bit different anyway).