Thursday 1 May 2008

Postie bought me some goodies

This afternoon (yes, we are getting our post late now that our lovely regular postie has moved on to pastures new) we had some boring bits of post, but also two packages - two more cricut carts - 'home accents' and 'paper dolls'.

Getting these today spurred me on to do something about my Sizzix red doll die and accessories and the green bitty body and clothes etc - so, as it was a 5p listing day today, I put them on ebay.

So, no crafting today, but I've managed to sort out quite a bit of stuff - I went through my 12" x 12" papers and I had lots of duplicates - so I've put quite a few bundles on ebay - hopefully some will sell - and then I can get some different ones! We'll see.

HS:MS spectacles

Today on HS:MS: spectacles: 'Eyewear for those why are Myopic, Hyperopic, Photophobic and for those who are plain old shopperholic! Which one are you?'

I wear contact lenses - couldn't be without them, although when I'm at home I do try and wear my prescription specs to give the lenses a rest.

But when I'm wearing my lenses I need to keep reading glasses close at hand: