Wednesday 3 February 2010

WOYWW today - just about still Wednesday!

It's Wednesday (just about still Wednesday!) which means it's WOYWW on Julia's blog. It seems that today crafters have been showing their drawers! So I thought I'd better let you have a peep inside some of mine.

My top drawer just to the left of me houses all sorts of bits and pieces. I keep a lot of ink pads in boxes in my tall cupboard, but the ones I use the most I keep handy in this top drawer. You can see that I've got a box with inchies and twinchies ... waiting to do something with them - perhaps mini book, or mount them on canvas, or ...

The drawer beneath this houses chalks, alcohol inks, stickles etc - and lots of pens (there are more underneath the two boxes of chalks.

And then there's the drawer where I keep embossing powders and such like.

I thought I'd also let you have a peep inside the bottom of my tall cupboard, where I have a metal nest of drawers in the section that was built specially to house them - and just a few of my boxes.

If you like having a nose at people's crafting spaces, go over to Julia's blog and click on the comments and follow the links.