Thursday, 29 November 2007

HS:MS bristles

'Bristles or spikey textures ain't always a nice feeling - but we all have them in our space. Show us yours.'

Mine is a stiff brush that is part of a brush-and-dustpan set - it's in a bit of a state, so here it is, just as it comes:

If a year ago someone had told me I'd be taking photos of a brush and putting them on the internet, I would have laughed! And here I am doing just that!

We've just come back from having lunch out for mum's birthday. She managed to get out after all, which is good, because this is the first time of going out since her last fall. I think she enjoyed her lunch. She's now gone back to have a tea party at her sheltered accommodation (we couldn't go to that because we had to get back because the decorators are here. It looks as if the decorators are going to be able to come back after the weekend to do some of the rest of the work that needs doing, the hall etc. and then we have to arrange for the carpet people to do their bit. Did anyone say that it's getting a bit near Christmas? Help!!

We've just agreed with mum that this year we'll go over to her and I'll cook lunch etc there because we don't know what state we'll be in - and mum reacts to the smell of paint. The trouble is that if you have painting done at this time of year the smell lingers on longer because you can't have the windows open so much. I can't stand it myself, but just have to put up with it.

Sorry, this is has got nothing to do with crafting and this is meant to be 'My Crafty Outlook', so enough!!