Thursday, 6 December 2007

HS:MS card

'You can't tell me you haven't had a sneaky one yet? Show me a card from your dandy space!'

Terrible photo tonight - light is poor - time has run out - feeling too tired to bother. Here are some cards we've received:

Tomorrow: my cards

A friend who works at the local school (where I used to be chair of governors) asked me to let her have my cards to be sold at the Christmas Fair tomorrow. I've done this for the last couple of years, but because of the problems with my back I was going to give it a miss this year. C was such an angel and came round at lunch time today to transport my cards. I'm hoping I'll feel up to going round to the school for the sale. It's a good job I've continued to make cards as and when I can, so my stock level is able to cope with tomorrow (although I'm wondering whether anyone will ask for Anniversary cards - I expect if I quickly make some they won't sell, but if I don't, then people will ask for them!)

Salt: Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas

Doesn't time fly?!?! It's Salt challenge day again today and this time the theme was chosen by Casey. This is what she says:

Blessings to you all from me (Casey)

How wonderful it is for me to bring the topic of this challenge!

Jesus, the true meaning of Christmas

We all love celebrating Christmas because it is a time for us to stop, remember and praise God for the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. HE IS the true meaning of Christmas. Not presents, not parties, not decorations, etc. JUST JESUS!!!

Here's what we have come up with in response to the challenge. If you'd like to know more about the pieces of art here, just click on the name above the photo which will direct you to the blog that has the inspiration and explanation from the artist.
We' also love to see what you come up with too!
Feel free to leave us a comment so we too can share in your art!!!

Please take a look at Salt

My contribution is very simple, using an English Paper Company paper as background (I chose it because it has crowns that remind us of Jesus being King of Kings) and one of my favourite Rubbadubbadoo Christmas stamps, inked with Brilliance Galaxy Gold and embossed. The rays are made from matt finish mirror card. I kept it simple in style because I wanted the message of Jesus to be central.

Elvin the elf's day 6 challenge

Over on Just Bex Elvin the Elf is setting daily challenges and great fun is being had by all. Why not click on the link and go along and join in the fun.

Today's challenge is to mention Elvin on our blogs - the easiest challenge so far. I have to confess that Elvin called me a loser a couple of days ago because I got an answer wrong (in my enthusiasm to please him and do it quickly, I made a silly mistake).

He is an adorable little fellow and he brightens up the day. He has come all the way from the North Pole, especially commissioned by Bex. There is a bit of a concern that he seems to think he might be going on holiday to Florida, but he can't, because he's needed here right up to Christmas.

There are prizes every day - Elvin dips into his bucket to draw a winner. So do go along, join the forum and have fun.

This is today's prize (which I would love to win - please, Elvin, be a sweetie elf and pick my name out of the bucket.