Sunday 31 August 2008

What a difference yesterday - that was summer!!

Yay!! The sun shone yesterday - it was a lovely warm summer day - just as it should be on holiday. During the afternoon we stopped along by the bandstand for a while to listen to some Broadway music:

Here's another shot of John for yesterday's HS:MS SPS:

Today on HS:MS is SOS, so I'll show a few of the shots that I've taken while here in Eastbourne:

This morning it's been raining and is still overcast, hence me having a little internet time. We're going to amble over to the wishtower restaurant for lunch and then see what the weather's doing and how the fancy takes us.

Friday 29 August 2008

HS:MS Y for Yoyo

Having logged on to the internet and put the previous post on with photos from today, I looked at the HS:MS prompt for today and found that it was Y. I thought I had no hope of finding anything, but, when I went back up to our room, I went on the balcony and realised that there were a few trees that might qualify for Y, so here they are:

I also took these shots while I was there (I think there's a certain appeal of the sea at low tide, in a rugged sort of way:

Wot, no sun?!

Where has the sun gone? No sign of it today - just a mist across the sea, that nearly engulfed us as we got off the tour bus near Beachy Head for a coffee break this morning.

This afternoon we caught a bus to the Sovereign harbour:

Didn't take any other photos there, because I've got quite a few from the past, although this is an ever-changing place with more new buildings.

So, back on the bus to the pier area and the carpet gardens:

Poor John was left sitting on a seat while I walked up and down to get a few photos:

'Is she coming back soon?'

Ah ha, she's been stalking the gulls:

Thursday 28 August 2008

HS:MS I for Indigo

On HS:MS today: 'So, will you choose a little 'i' or go for the easy option and do a capital 'I'. I went for a little one, see? Which 'I' will you find in your space?'

I decided that John's cane looked like an upside-down 'i' - and it also acts as his 'eye'. So here he is with it:

and here is a section of the photo upside-down to show the 'i':

But I thought I ought to show a proper, more serious 'i', so I spotted the flagpole on top of a hotel when we were on the pier looking back:

and here is a closer look:

Salt: Think on this ...

This time Kimberly chose the theme of 'Think on this ...'.

I used a ColorFlowers II Collection: pink stems garden paper for the background and added pieces from Pamels Woods Pink Leis, Spring Petals and Pink Watercolor and another unknown paper with the hearts on. I used a few different ribbons, heart, flower and white lace from stash.

Wednesday 27 August 2008

Just a few more seaside shots

Waiting for the sun to shine:

Our hotel:

The tide is going out:

HS:MS E for echo

We've been out today in Eastbourne, so I didn't know what the letter on HS:MS was for today till I just got back and on to the internet. It so happened that I took a number of photos earlier, including this one, that contains an 'E':

Admittedly, I had to flip the photo to get the 'E' shape from the rails.

Just in case you are in any doubt, this is the bit that shows the 'E':

Apologies for all fellow HS:MSers that I won't be looking at your wonderful photos, because I'm limiting my internet time while here.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

HS:MS O for Oscar

Another easy one, today find 'O' in your space

I'm sitting with my laptop in an area of the hotel where I can get wireless internet access (pity it doesn't extend to our room). The table I'm using is a round one, so I nearly took a picture of that, but decided instead to show the tub of a plant which is in the corner near me.

And this picture, with a couple more Os, is on the wall behind me:

Here we are in Eastbourne

We arrived here yesterday. These are views taken last evening from the balcony of our room:

We've been hoping for some sunshine today, but it seems to be hidden well behind the clouds - hopefully it will show itself tomorrow!

Monday 25 August 2008

HS:MS W for Whiskey

those that are still playing along today, go find a 'W' in your space.

I shouldn't really be on here now, but quickly popping this on, pathetic as it is!

Sunday 24 August 2008

BF forum CJ

I've managed to get my DLO done in Kathy's fab CJ: 'festival of flowers'.

I used papers, die cuts, ribbons etc from the new DCWV spring collection.

The photos are poor because clouds are obscuring the light.

When I put it into Kathy's CJ it looked a bit bare, so I added some matching ribbons at the side, but no time or light to take more photos.


It's show off day today on HS:MS, so I thought I'd show a couple of pictures of my gorgeous lilies that I had for my birthday.

I used the 'diffuse glow' tweak on these (not sure whether I like the effect or not):

Saturday 23 August 2008

Bumbleberries CJ

Angie's is the last CJ within the group on Bumbleberries. She chose for her theme: 'My best creation'. I thought and thought about this and came to the conclusion that something that I did when I was 7 was worthy of this.

I used Scrapbook walls papers 'small vest stripe' and 'knicker stripe' and also Gin-X find your identity 'some kind of green:dotted dipsticks':


It's SPS day on HS:MS. I've chosen a photo I took of John at Covent Garden on Wednesday, when you went out for my birthday. It was taken in Neal's Yard: