Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The best laid plans

Nowadays I tend not to plan too much - I never know how I'm going to feel and whether I'm going to be up to what I think I planned. However, I have a few cards and artwork items that I need to do, requests from various people, and yesterday I promised myself that, not having done any crafting for a few days, I'd do what I could today.

Having eased myself into the morning I was just about ready to get on with something when I received a phone call to say that mum had had a fall and had been taken to hospital - so I went to the hospital to be with her and got back home at 6.30. Mum somehow gashed her left hand betweeen thumb and finger and had to have stitches and generally shaken, but allowed to go home after some concern about her lack of mobility (which is normal these days).

I was meant to be going out for a meal with a friend this evening, so that sadly had to be cancelled because I wasn't home in time.

And now I'm tired and aching and not able to get on with any crafting - so we'll have to see what tomorrow brings forth.

And I had a really good idea for today's HS:MS and wasn't able to do it - perhaps tomorrow.