Monday 23 February 2009

No crafting today

Nothing to show today.

We've had a new washing machine installed and some shelves put into the room where I craft - need to now sort out what I'm putting on them and re-organise the rest of the room (it seems to be a job like painting the Forth bridge).

The man who was putting in the washing machine discovered that our main stopcock is dripping, so it urgently needs replacing - waiting to hear when. So, it's just as well we had to have a new washing machine or we wouldn't have found this out. Unfortunately, the stopcock is in a very awkward place in the corner of a kitchen cupboard, so to renew it the man is going to have to take the dishwasher out and cut through a part of a cupboard. At least he's going to re-locate it to a more accessible place for the future.

Perhaps I'll manage to get back to doing some crafting tomorrow, although I might just tackle sorting supplies and getting stuff on to my new shelves.