Thursday 9 October 2008

Rosie Dee's challenge 4

Having gone to Rosie and Deanne's new challenge blog to have a peep, I couldn't resist this challenge from Rosie:

'I challenge you to buy yourself a box of chocolates (or even better, get someone else to buy them for you!) You can then alter the empty box to use as storage. Easy eh?'

So, here is a little box of elaborate dark chocolate buttons that I bought yesterday:

And now, instead of chocolate buttons, the box is housing buttons for crafting:

Great challenge - thank you, girls. I'll be watching out for other challenges (and might even try to do the previous ones).

Thanks for the comments about my hospital visit. The outcome is that there's nothing that can surgically be done to ease the pain - too much to go into here, but thanks for your thoughts.

Salt: rest

Today, a new Salt challenge is launched. Please visit the Salt blog to read what Casey has to say and to see the beautiful pieces of crafting by the rest of the team.

I'm setting this post to appear automatically at 10.30 (as the Salt challenge will have been launched by then). This is a very poignant LO for me, because at the time this is being shown I'll be at Guy's hospital to get the results of my recent MRI scan on my spine and to find out whether or not surgery is recommended. I have mixed feelings about this; so the wording on the LO is straight for my heart.

I nearly forgot to say that this has been produced digitally using Publisher and a clipart background - I've kept it simple, because I wanted the wording to be the most important element of the LO: