Friday, 23 November 2007

DCM little extra helper no. 5

The midweek dares recently on DCM has been 'little extra helpers' for getting Christmas cards done. This week the theme is 'bells, baubles and bows'. Well, this card caters for two out of the three:

Irl the greetings on the baubles are much more visible and golden (had to resort to scanning because photo reflected terribly with flash - oh for the longer summer evenings when it keeps light longer).

DCM dare: song

Today's DCM dare is:

Song without words

I would like you to create a card inspired by a song or a carol - it could be for Christmas or not! (you may have got all your Christmas cards done by now...) BUT there is a twist. the words of the song are NOT to be seen on the front of the card. You could leave it to us to guess! Have fun!

I've done a very simple card (using some of a kit I bought yonks ago) and I'm sure you know the song:

A few cards using the bits

In the quest to get my room really sorted, yesterday I got out a couple of boxes of bits and pieces and used some of them to make a few cards - they will help fill the gaps in stock.

On this one, the cuttlebug embossing had already been done, so just a question of putting it together:

Cuttlebug embossing (already done) and Anna Griffin decoupage:

Another cuttlebug embossing:

This one made with an image from one of my favourite Magenta stamps:

This Anita's stamp of a labrador looks like Josey:

This one uses one of the little cuttlebug embossing foldfers (agree with others that there doesn't seem to be much use for these) - this one, having the corrugated card, could have been used for a recent DCM dare if I'd done it sooner:

HS:MS crystal

'A substance with geometric regularity. Find ' crystal' in your space today.'

This is one of the glasses that were given to us as a wedding present from the school where I was teaching.

I stood the glass on a piece of silver mirror card and couldn't use flash because of too much reflection, so the silver doesn't look silver, but quite an interesting result: