Thursday, 10 January 2008

Karen's CJ DLO

I received Karen's lovely CJ before Christmas and, as usual, thought I'd got plenty of time to do my DLO ... and here we are very near to the deadline!

I have to confess that crafting has taken a back seat since Christmas, for a variety of reasons, one of which is that we've had hospital visits with John, resulting in a decision to admit him, hopefully next week, to amputate a toe which has had an ulcer that's been getting worse, so I shall then be up and down to St Thomas hospital to visit him - they think he'll be there for about a week.

Anyway, this is 'my crafty outlook', so back to the matter in hand!

Karen's CJ is part of a group on Bumbleberries and is called 'surprise' - such a good idea - each person has to set the theme for the next person. The lovely Rach (turtlestres) set my theme: 'If I won the lottery' - I must say that I found this difficult to do, because not only do I not do the lottery (so therefore wouldn't win it!) but money doesn't buy happiness or health, although admittedly it can make a big difference to how comfortable you are if you are in illhealth - and we certainly wouldn't say no to a chauffeur driven car to be at our disposal!

So here is my contribution, using Jenny's creations Dizzy papers and other bits and pieces (there are a few white spots showing in the pictures - too impatient to wait - Art institute 'dries clear' glue, which, when dry, will show no white: