Saturday 31 May 2008

Better weather today

When we got up the sun was shining! and continued to shine until about midday, when it clouded over and looked quite stormy for a while, but that passed by and the sun came out again, although it became more overcast as the afternoon went on.

We caught a bus along to Shoeburyness this morning - took some pictures of the beach area and some gorgeous plants. We then caught the bus back to the Kursaal area (didn't go in - not sure it's even open) and then strolled along towards the pier, stopping to have lunch. We got the train up the pier (now that we're both OAPs we didn't have to pay as much - and we can also use our bus passes here, which is a great saver). We stayed at the end of pier area far longer than we realised. We had intended today to also go along to Westcliff, but we didn't get that far - we're hoping to tomorrow.

I took quite a few photos today - thought I'd put some of them in a slideshow. I'm not expecting anyone to look, but I've come to the conclusion that using this blog like this will be a good photo record of the holiday.