Friday 30 May 2008

A calm evening

Today started off cool and dull. We went for a walk to the Thorpe Bay shops area - much further than we thought it would be - then bus into Southend - had a wander and a look in one or two shops, including The Works and Stationery Box (bought some more pencils, because I haven't got a pink with me - good excuse!) - had lunch and then took the bus to Rayleigh. It's amazing how childhood memories come back once you see somewhere again, although, of course, a lot of places have changed over the years.

When we got back about 5 o'clock, the sun was trying to come out and by the time we had dinner (which was delicious - I had a gorgeous fish pie) the evening had become calm and sunny.

So, when we got back to our room I took some photos of our view: