Tuesday 11 November 2008

Busy, but nothing to show

I've been getting ready for taking my cards etc to the minimarket at church and also to mum's sheltered accommodation's Christmas fair - both events are on Saturday. I've been bagging and labelling cards and finding some batches of Christmas cards that I started with a flourish long ago and they needed finishing off - nothing much, but it all takes time. I've also made some easy pyramage cards and some that are the opposite (don't know what they're called - looking into the picture instead of building up). Anyway, it's far too late to take any photos and bother to put them on here and I don't even know whether I'll have time to do so tomorrow, but if I do, I'll show a few then. One was a birthday card for our son.

So, I've been busy, but nothing to show on here now.

I'd like to finish the challenges for the special weekend on CBC - most of them I can fit in with cards I still need to make.