Tuesday 23 December 2008

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas

While visiting other crafty blogs I've noticed that quite a few people are putting a Christmas card on for all their visitors.

I thought I'd use a card that I made for a Chinese whisper swap on CBC (so I couldn't show it until the group had finished):

This is an opportunity to thank all of you who visit my blog (whether you lurk of post comments - and it is always lovely to receive comments) and to wish you all a peaceful and Happy Christmas and every blessing in the New Year - may 2009 be a happy and healthy one. I am, of course, aware that for some people Christmas can be a time of sadness, because of bereavement, illness or difficulties in relationships etc - and this year there will also be more people who are so uncertain about the future of their jobs and finances. Despite many uncertainties, I pray that you can look to the future with some hope, bearing in mind the message of Christmas.

BF Advent 23

Only a couple of days to go - and today in my BF Secret Santa package I had all these lovely serendipidy squares - these must have taken Santa a long while to put them together:

I love them - thank you, SS!