Friday 18 April 2008

HS:MS sad

Today's prompt: sad: 'Feeling or showing sorrow. Show us sad in your space today.'

I think most people reading this will know that John's guide dog, Josey, went back to Guide Dogs a couple of months ago. John's health hasn't been so good in the last couple of years, which has meant he was using Josey less than previously, but also at the beginning of the year he had to have a toe amputated because of an ulcer that wouldn't heal - all to do with the diabetes. It was said that one of Josey's hairs could have got into it and made it worse. This made John make the final decision to part company with Josey, especially as other factors were pointing in that direction too.

We still miss her - and, obviously, particularly John, because it's not as safe or interesting to go out with a white can instead of a dog.

So my photo today is the corner of our bedroom where Josey used to sleep on her fleece. I still miss seeing her there last thing at night and first thing in the morning:

Some of you have kindly asked what has happened to Josey. She's now been retired and adopted by the mother of the person who is in the office of our district GDBA, someone who John has never met but has chatted to over the years. We think she will be happy, so this post is not all sad.