Thursday, 23 August 2007

'Craft Queen' card

Quite a few people have commentede on this birthday card (and Sue on here even commented that it looks like me!), so I thought I would show it all by itself. My friend Christine buys a lot of my cards and she had this card made by her daughter-in-law especially for me. I love it:

Just Bex CJ

I was fortunate enough to get my Just Bex CJ back early - thought it was about time to show it here. Thank you so much to Net, Jo (paperlily) and Andrea for their lovely contributions.

Front cover:

Net's DLO:

Jo's DLO:

Andrea's DLO:

Sign in:

Back cover:

HS:MS white

The palest colour and sign of purity. Find 'white' in your space today.

This may seem an odd choice, but as soon as I went into the kitchen I knew I should take a photo of this kettle. It's a little lightweight kettle that we used to take on holiday abroad so that I could have my morning cuppa before breakfast.

Because of my vertebral fractures due to osteoporosis, I find our regular kettle too heavy to handle, so most of the time John is the chief tea and coffee maker. But if he's out (this morning he's had to go up to Guy's for a foot health appointment) I use the little kettle to make myself a hot drink. So, although it's very ordinay, it's of mega use to me.