Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Just Bex September challenge 10 folding card

During September I didn't take part in challenges on Just Bex because I was preparing for my card sale. I know that many people incorporate the challenges at the same time, but I couldn't cope with trying to do that.

Yesterday I decided to try and get back into the swing of things, so I started on September challenge 10 foldering card: to make a folding card like the one below . It's made from one sheet of cardstock, and is very straightforward!' and there were clear instructions to achieve the card.

Having got all the bits out to do the card, I half finished it last night and have to admit that I didn't feel like completely it tonight, but I have, and I'm glad I did.

I've made an anniverary card for my brother and sister-in-law (I hope it's safe to show, because I don't think they look here very often).

The hearts tucked inside the little envelope have their initials on them.

Most of the cardstock and bits used were from K & Co Brookfield range:

I'm so thankful that Nicky set this challenge, because it's made an unusual anniversary card - it's certainly something I'll try again sometime.

RAK received

Postie came this afternoon (we had given up thinking there was any post today) and I received a RAK from Karen G on Carolyn's forum:

Thank you, Karen. A bit of cheer on a sad day (family-wise - can't go into it).

HS:MS card

A Piece of thick, stiff paper. Find 'card' in your space today.

A couple of pictures of some of the card in my space. The first one shows a section of eleven A4 trays with ten 12 x 12 trays to the left. The second picture shows part of a 15 drawer cabinet which is now housed inside a cupboard in my newly fitted out room (well, it was done in July, but still has to be decorated). You can see how disorganised I am because I still haven't changed the labels on the drawers since sorting out card.