Wednesday 2 June 2010

WOYWW first anniversary

Over on Julia's blog she is celebrating a whole year of WOYWW. I haven't been taking part for all of the year, but in recent months have joined in on most Wednesdays.

Today my workspace is fairly clear as I haven't done much in the last couple of days - and I admit that I do like to tidy up in between and put everything in its place. Crafting was limited yesterday because John had to go up to St Thomas eye casualty - he has a scratch on his cornea. I did manage one card last night though - more about that later.

You'll notice that I now have my copics a bit more sorted out and all standing on a 'lazy susan' that I can pull towards me when needed and swing round to the container I want - I bought it ages and ages ago and have only recently put it into use.

I've also bought some of the long Really Useful Boxes for my ink pads. I used to keep them in a larger RU box, but had to empty out more when I wanted a particular ink. Now I have a couple of boxes for distress inks etc. The only thing is that I now need some more boxes to house the ink pad overflow!

Here they are in the cupboard:

Lastly, here is the other side of my worktop - not a lot to see, but a few stamps that were used last night for a card for my guest slot on Raise the bar this week - I was chosen as a guest bar tender - you can read about it and see my original card here - very exciting.

And now I must get off here and get the bus to go to the dental hygienist - oh, what fun!