Monday, 24 September 2007

A diversion from Christmas cards

Thought I'd have a change this morning from Christmas cards. The flowers on these cards are rub ons that are raised, embossed - and they went on sooooo easily! The wording on the cards are rub ons too - I received them quite a while ago from a crafty friend as part of a RAK and thought they went well with the flowers:

I must discipline myself now not to make any more cards until I've labelled and bagged the ones I've got (and quite a few need inserts in) - the bits of cardmaking that are boring, but necessary - I wish Santa would send me some of his elves to do these bits! Somehow I think they're too busy at the North pole!

HS:MS dog

Man's best friend. Have you got a lil pooch in your space?

An easy one for me today - there's always a dog in our space. Here she is ready for work (perhaps I should explain that Josey is my husband's guide dog: