Thursday 15 January 2009

DCM: 'Tis the season to recycle!

This is a very quick card using a sample of wallpaper - ages ago, when I first started cardmaking I used to occasionally get wallpaper samples and use on cards - I haven't done this for ages and ages, but still have a few bits and pieces in my stash.

This has quite a sheen to it, but is lost in the scan.

And for the second time this week I'm showing a card with a peel off sentiment - is this becoming a trend, I ask myself?! lol!!

This card, of course, is for the DCM dare this week to use recycled matter, although mine hasn't used anything rescued from Christmas.

If I have time I'll dig out the Christmas bits and make something.

However, I have a list of crafty things that need to be done, so I shouldn't be side-tracked into making other things.

And now I must get ready - we're going to John's bowls club's annual lunch.