Monday, 29 October 2007

HS:MS window

'Choose your favourite window in your house. Show the whole window, the curtains and window decoration.'

I'm a bit embarrassed atm to photo any of my windows. We desparately need decorating (someone's booked to start sooooon - oh the joys that will bring!!) and therefore our curtains are looking worse for wear because there's no point in replacing till the decorating's been done. And the net curtains need washing (but again ... not until the decorating).

In the end I've chosen this window in our lounge because it looks out on to the world (you can just see the main road beyond the green - a reason we need to have nets even though I don't like them - tried without for a while and felt we were living in a goldfish bowl, particularly as there is a bus stop opposite). And my other reason for choosing this window is that it's one of Josey's favourite places - she can easily nose when the postie or milkman is on his way.