Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Today's Christmas cards

Last night I stamped up a few pieces of card and have now managed to colour and mount 15 of them (will be used 5 in a pack):

Being relatively new to using the craft robo, I haven't ventured yet into making my own templates (although I've achieved quite a few welded words). So I used a template kindly contributed by Sally on UKScrappers of Mary and Joseph on a donkey. I think it works quite well as a silhouette against a dark blue mounted on a card for the sky and some brown card torn to give a ragged edge for the ground. I've had to resort to using up some old 'Seasons Greetings' peel offs (and stars, because I didn't have enough of anything else and haven't got time or inclination to make any). This is the result (I've made 20 of them):

HS:MS quirky

Something characterised by the peculiar or unexpected. Find something 'quirky' today in your space.

At first I wondered what on earth I could use today, but then I remembered a birthday present I had recently. As I unwrapped and found the box inside the paper, there was a delicious chocolaty aroma and a faint coffee smell as well. On taking the 'cakes' out of the box I discovered that they were candles! Aren't they fun (and definitely quirky!):