Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Bumbleberrycrafts CJ

The next CJ should have been in the post yesterday, but I think I've been forgiven for not queuing at the PO on my birthday! I have to confess that my DLO had to be finished off today and it was only when I uploaded the photos that I realised how blurred the first one is, but it will have to do because the CJ is now done up ready for me to go to the PO in a short while. These were pages in Beckie's superb CJ (I hardly dared to touch it!) Beckie's title is 'Strokable Stash!' - we were asked to choose a fav paper and say why, and to include a picture of ourself. So here is mine, using BG 'Scarlet's Letter' papers.

HS:MS plant and water

A green living organism. Show us a 'plant' in your space today.

I've cheated a bit with yesterday's prompt. This is a photo of a lovely little plant growing among the pebbles on Bognor Regis beach, taken during our break there a few weeks ago:

Covered or saturated with water. Find 'wet' in your space today. This is also a cheat - a zoomed photo taken at Bognor, showing activity on the end of the pier - I think the expanse of water qualifies for this prompt!