Saturday 2 August 2008

Christmas Cards

About four weeks ago I prepared some cards with backgrounds using my newly acquired A6 English Paper Company papers. Because I sell cards to give profit to TEAR Fund, I need to make simple ones that will sell at a low cost. I will be making these up, as usual, in packs of 5.

I've now managed to finish off these cards, using various bits, including rub ons and die cuts.

They aren't finished yet, as I need to put inserts in and then bag them up and label them (a job that I don't enjoy, but it has to be done).

I have made 10 each of most of these cards, so I now have a stock of over 100. Some of them have similar variations.

I realised after doing the scans that there seem to be dirty marks on the cards, but this is on the scanner glass, not the cards.

Where gold foiling has been used it doesn't show up well - looks more black than gold.

I need to make some more of this kind of card before I can make the more elaborate ones that I sell individually.