Monday 15 September 2008

A few cards

I feel pretty useless today - my back is still really paining me and I'm finding it difficult to move. I did nothing this morning, but this afternoon thought I'd try and do something to take my mind off it.

The other day I started some cards - very simple ones made from a QVC kit (I much prefer to make my own 'from scratch', but when you're feeling poorly and want to get some done, then this provided a little bit of gentle crafting. All these cards have inserted coordinating papers within the envelopes (I spoiled a few of these before I got the hang of the best way to stick them in).

This afternoon has been spent just finishing off bits and pieces, putting in inserts, bagging and labelling (the bit that tends to get left if I'm not disciplined).

Here are some of the cards:

One or two have duplicates, so there are 28 in all, and a few more still to do.

Birthday card

Card for a friend's birthday tomorrow (I think it's safe to show it, because I don't think she'll see it here):

The flowers are 3D rub ons.

HS:MS row

'A number of people or things in a straight line. Show us a 'row' in your space today.'

This is John's idea (I couldn't think of anything original - was going to go for a row of DVDs) - a row of broad beans in their pod: