Sunday 10 January 2010

Chance encounter

This colourful ticket sheet was the inspirational graphic given this week on Soartful and the theme is 'chance':

I downloaded a free image from here and simply enlarged, rotated a bit and superimposed on the original given image - my very simple effort this week:

This is what the poem says:

A chance encounter of the best kind
A meeting arranged by fate.
Two souls have come together
Two hearts can now relate.

Exploring has uncovered
A tender love sublime
Whose roots are strong and deep
To withstand the test of time.

This much I know within my heart,
That you are meant for me:
To share with me the joys of life
Throughout Eternity.

And here I found a final verse:

So now I ask with open heart
Baring my soul to thee;
Will you, dear (NAME), my soulmate
Take a chance and marry me?

Copyright © 1983 Ara John Movsesia