Wednesday 10 September 2008

CBC crew competition - stamping CBCC061

I've been meaning to do something for this since I got back from Eastbourne. This evening I decided to have a play - the result certainly isn't my best achievement, but it took me so long that I thought I'd show it anyway.

This was the challenge: ' so a nice simple idea - but the design can be as complicated as you like.... You must only use stamps and inks to create your card - no patterned paper is allowed. '

I used two Rhona Farrer swirl stamps that I received a few months ago as part of a prize (I love using these) ad randomly stamped them, using various parts of them. The ink pad was Brilliance pearlescent purple and I embossed with Moonglow plum.

These are the stamps randomly used for the background:

The stamp cut and mounted in the middle is one of the foam ones from QVC.

Photo has now been replaced with a slightly better one taken in daylight:

Why not check out - it's a very friendly forum with lots going on.

BF August card swap

Karen organised a swap that entailed making a card and then sending a partner the same papers etc to make a card. The cards had to be done using a summery orange.

Happy Hazel was my partner and this is the card I made, sending her the same papers etc that I had used (I think they were Chloe's Closet - I should have made a note and now I can't quite remember):

This card was made with the bits that Hazel sent me:

I know that Hazel has done her card with the bits I sent, so it is now safe to show.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Hazel's cards are like and how similar or different we made them.

I meant to say that the stained glass image was coloured with a mixture of water colours and inktense pencils (I wish I could get this colouring-in lark better - think I could colour-in better when I was a child!)

HS:MS bag lady

Suzy has stepped in on HS:MS and said 'why not try find a 'Bag' in your space?'

Now, it's strange that Suzy has chosen this prompt, because a couple of day ago I went into Primark on a rare occasion (I like their bras - they're cheap, but more comfortable than others I've tried - anyway, before there's too much information, I'll get back to what I was saying!). Having chosen my items, including a pair of PJs that were tied up with ribbon (see the post underneath), I spotted some material bags which were just £1 each.

Trying to do the right thing, I usually try to carry a bag with me, but didn't have one, so I decided to buy one of the £1 bags so that my bras and PJs could be put into it.

When I was served, the lovely polite young man proceeded to put my bras, PJs and material bag into one of their brown carrier bags - I hadn't got the heart to say anything - and at least their bags are paper and not plastic:

An 80th birthday card ... and a bonus piece of ribbon

Mum has asked me to make an 80th birthday card for one of her friends. A simple aperture card with a piece of K & Co Addison paper, a few blooms and a bit of Poundland bling (and the 80 in silver stands out a bit more irl):

The other day I bought a pair of PJs (cost me £5) which were done up with this long piece of ribbon - I measured it this morning - it's 66 inches long - so not a bad bonus!