Thursday, 21 February 2008

3 cards to post tomorrow

It's one of my great nephew's birthday on Saturday, so I needed to make a card from us and one from mum (he's obviously one of her great grandsons). These are quick cards with decorated tags (and I'm afraid I resorted to peel offs for the Great nephew etc). I did the one from us at first with a vellum piece down the left to centre that had 'just for you' scattered on it and then realised that it had tiny (which is why I hadn't noticed before I used it) little bunches of flowers on it - definitely wouldn't be appreciated by a 10 year old boy! So I quickly had to take it apart and put the 'happy birthday' background on the left instead:

It's also a friend's birthday on Saturday (one of my oldest friends - I don't mean she's old, just that we've known one another since schooldays). I made her this card: