Sunday 30 November 2008

CBC ATCs velvet

I nearly forgot about these. The choice this month was velvet or vintage (or a combination of the two).

Earlier in the week I ironed velvet paper on to a rubber stamp - one of my favourites atm - and today I just added some stickles icicles.

These are very simple, but it was all I could think of doing with velvet:

Some people have asked what this technique is, so I thought I'd add this:

You just place the rubber stamp with the rubber uppermost and put the velvet paper on top of it, with the velvet side against the rubber. Then you use a medium to high hot iron to press firmly on top to get the impression. It really works better with a bolder pattern, but I wanted to use the trees.

3 in 1

This card actually fits three challenges.

Firstly, it has a quotation on it, so it fits challenge 36 on Lots to do (although I notice that there's a new challenge up for today, so really it's late).

On My time to craft, challenge 37 is: 'It's raining, it's pouring', which is appropriate for this card.

And today's Dottie's World challenge is to use a photo as well as a Charmed Cards and Crafts digital download.

The photo I've used as the entire background of the card was taken some years ago in Tenerife - in fact irl the colours on the card, particularly the rainbow, are a lot more vibrant than on this scan. The image in the bottom corner is from a 'love and marriage' Dottie download and the quotation is computer generated, printed straight on to the photo background.

BF forum CJ

Where does time go? It's the first of the month tomorrow and that means it's time to post on the CJ within the group on the BF forum.

When I received Rosie's CJ 'I am' I had a fair idea of what I would do, but I put it off and for the past week or so I haven't been well. I was hesitant to do my DLO because I didn't want to make a mess in someone else's CJ.

I had intended to print out the writing for this - in fact I did so - and then I decided that the papers I wanted to use would lend themselves to handwriting rather than print. This is pretty brave for me (or stupid, depending on which way I look at it!) because my writing isn't up to much these days. So I thought I'd have a go and if I ruined it I could always go back to the idea of printing, but it seemed to be OK, so I've stuck with it.

The papers (Dream Street), flowers and buttons were all part of a BF kit (I think it was July, or it might have been a Think Pink one) - which seemed appropriate to use for a CJ on the BF forum.

It was only after I'd finished and taken the photos that I realised that everyone else who had contributed so far had included a photo, so I've added my photo to the sign in tag at the back.

You can read the writing better if you click on the pictures.