Sunday 21 September 2008

Helpful blogger award

Claire has kindly given me this award. She said:

'I've designed this award which I will pass to bloggers who I think have helped me recently by inspiring me or actually helping me with my craft.

Today I'm going to award this to Maddy for her fabulous PG Tips challenge which I loved and has inspired me to tart more and Hazel for helping me make a concertina card.'

I am so taken aback - it was a pleasure to be able to share what I'd done.

I value the help of other bloggers and forum members and would like to pass this award on to Joanne, such a talented crafter who is always ready to share her expertise both on her blogs and within crafting forums - she so well deserves this.

Please do also have a browse on Claire and Maddy's blogs - very inspirational.