Wednesday 18 April 2012

I've been featured ...

... on Best of the Web 16:

Best of the Web is part of Craft Corners:

Craft Corners is like a little workshop with corners for stitching, handmade jewelry, recycled crafts and ideas for home & garden or your art and design projects.

I feel honoured that I've been featured.

Suzie's 365 day 109: entrance

I was meant to be meeting friend in London today to have lunch and then go to the cinema, but it's so wet and windy out there that we've decided to re-schedule for another day. When I saw Suzie's day 109: entrance for today I was all set to take my camera and take a picture of the entrance to the Odeon at Leicester Square. As I won't be there after all, I'll have to make do with the entrance to our maisonette - not as salubrious, I'm afraid!

The photo makes it look quite bright outside ... no, it isn't, it's reflection on the glass, not sunshine! I wish!


It's Wednesday again and that means it's WOYWW 150 at Julia's Stamping Ground. If you don't know what I'm talking about, where have you been?  Click on the link and join in the fun.

The idea is to show what's on your workdesk on Wednesday. I haven't joined in for a week or two because I haven't had the time to hop around and comment on others and feel it's not fair to join in unless I can do that.

So here is an overview of my crafting area this morning:

Followed by two overhead shots to the left and right of where I sit - no, I didn't get on a chair to take the photos, just held the camera above and hoped for the best!

You can see some cards that I've made recently that need inserts and labelling and bagging, a box of all sorts that needs sorting and my Papercraft Inspirations magazine that has just come through the post (keep meaning to cancel this really).

To the right of me you can see the bright and bold cards I made yesterday and the rest of the papers (must use some more before I put them away), my ATG gun that is always close at hand and my cuttlebug with a box of nesties etc.

I was meant to be meeting a friend in London today for lunch and cinema, but the weather is so awful (wind and rain) that we've re-scheduled for next Tuesday, so that means I have an unexpected few hours at home - that can't be bad ... shall probably fritter some of it away, but hope to get crafting.

Happy Wednesday to all WOYWWers.