Friday, 7 March 2008

Diamond wedding card commission

The other day I was asked to make a Diamond wedding card for someone at church (she might be along to my sale tomorrow and collect it), so this afternoon I made this one:

and then realised after I'd made it that on the congratulations paper there were champagne glasses and I'm not sure whether the recipients might be tt and so it might be inappropriate.

So I thought I'd just make another one and that one could go in my general stock (and perhaps someone else tomorrow will need a Diamond wedding card - you never know!). The only trouble was that I wanted to use the same diamonte letters and found that I only had one 'D' left (even though I had three packets originally - 'D' had been in demand!) So I improvised and used the stem part of an 'L' with an upside-down 'C' - I think it worked:

Because of glare from flash, I had to scan rather than take photos (and there won't be time in the morning) - the '60' is silver, of course, irl, not black! The 'sticky up bits' have cast shadows on the surrounding papers, but you can get the general idea.

Just Bex Friday night challenge 'goes without saying'

Having just thought that I perhaps really ought to make one or two more get well cards suitable for men, I flipped over to JB and found that this evening's challenge set by Lis is: 'For this weeks challenge, please make a card without any letters or wording on the front whatsoever....BUT it has to be obvious what the card is for...birthday....Easter, new baby etc..... '

So here it is (papers are Guy's Life earthtones and the embellishments are read made from The Works - a very quick card - at this stage that's all I can manage:

Tanda Teaser 'under the weather'

Wendy on Tanda set this week's teaser: 'I decided on this theme as so many of my friends and relatives have been proper poorly of late and I am hoping to get some much needed inspiration from you guys on making cards for both the ladies and the chaps!'

Getting ready for tomorrow's sale, I was aware that most of my cards for 'get well' are more suitable for ladies than gents. I think this one could be for either - I used fairly old BG papers and a few bits and bobs including expoxy stickers that I didn't really know what to do with them: