Friday 1 January 2010

Top twelve of 2009

Wishing all my visitors a

Happy New Year

Before I start this post, if you think that I've prepared all this already this morning, then I haven't - I worked on this before Christmas and scheduled it to go live today.

While blog-hopping last year I found that quite a few crafters had shown their Top Ten makes for 2008 and so, at the beginning of January last year, I did the same.

I found it quite an experience to look through my crafting for 2008 and very difficult to choose my 'top ten' because some crafting is special because of the technique involved, whereas other makes are special because of the purpose for doing them.

I decided this year that I would extend my choice to twelve items, one for each month of the year - I still found it very difficult for some months to decide what to choose.

If you click on the links, you can go to the original posts and read more about each item.

My top twelve of 2009

January 2009: I've chosen this card because I find it so calming:

February 2009: I loved this card that I gave mum for Easter - it was actually one of my pieces for our Salt faith challenge blog.

March 2009: I made quite a few notebooks - it's difficult to choose just one, but I think it has to be this one:

April 2009: these inchies were done for a swap on Bubbly Funk, using shrink plastic - something I tend to forget about and think I should use more of during 2010.

May 2009: I bought a melting pot way back and hardly ever use it. However, I got it out of the cupboard and made this piece of jewellery - something else I should do more of in 2010 (because it's at the back of the cupboard again).

June 2009: This card was a commissioned one - I just love the papers and the colours that blend together:

July 2009: This year has been difficult with John being in hospital quite a lot, the worst time being the end of June and the month of July when he was very ill and so I did very little crafting or blogging during that time. I did, however, keep up my participation in the Salt Faith Challenge blog as a member of the team and I have chosen to show two LOs that I did - they are very precious to me because they were so apt for the situation we were in at that time. So, although July is the month when I did the least crafting, I've chosen to show two examples because I just couldn't choose between them:

Salt: prayer

Salt: according to His purpose

As is the case with all the other links, if you click on them you will be able to read what I wrote at the time for these LOs.

August 2009: These were my pages in a CJ as part of a swap on Bubbly Funk - I love the overlays of acetate:

September 2009: I like the result achieve with the technique of stamping with bubblewrap that I used for the background of this card - and also purple is one of my favourite colours which helped me to decide on this card:

October 2009: This card was for Irit Shalom's Royal Challenge 1 - the idea was to include as many challenges as possible. I enjoyed making this card, although it was certainly quite a feat to achieve all the challenges. I won the prize, which you can see here.

November 2009: I've hosen this one because I love the cute image, the colouring and the glitter:

December 2009: I was asked to make a 'sweet and sassy' card for a 16th birthday - I enjoyed making this easel card and love the bright colours:

I have found it quite helpful doing this review of 2009 - it has brought back many memories, but has also reminded me of some techniques etc that I haven't tried for a while, not just in the items that I've chosen to show here, but in many of these other items that have been blogged over the months.

It's over to you

Perhaps you would like to do your own 'top twelve of 2009' - if you do I'd love you to leave me a comment with a link so that I can come and look at your choices.

And then encourage others to do the same.