Tuesday 23 September 2008

Play games and feed the world

This site was mentioned at church on Sunday - it is a place where you can play all kinds of games to improve your mental agility and for every answer you get right, twenty grains of rice are given to the world food programme to help eradicate hunger.

Simon (one of our church's ministers) also mentioned it on his blog, so I just had to have a look to see what it's about and I managed to clock up a total of 6,000 grains of rice - I don't suppose that's very much in weight, but, hey, every little helps.

Why not pop over there and donate some rice?

More cards for Saturday

I had a batch of cards half finished - today I've managed to finish them off and bag and label so they are all ready for Saturday. They are very easy cards from a kit.

Photos are dreadful (will replace tomorrow if light is better):