Thursday, 8 November 2007

CBC big challenge 9

CBC big challenge 9: tart a box: 'For this challenge I want you to alter a box/case/ tin - YOU DECIDE – you can use it as a gift box or for yourself – no other rules'

I took a box of Bendick's bittermints:

and covered and decorated it:

to house Quickutz dies - just the right size (and it has little groovy dividing bits too:

CBC big challenge 10

CBC big challenge 10: good enough to eat: 'so show me your 3 tasty Christmas cards yup 3!!!'

Here are mine (they are all square but taken at a funny angle to stop flash glaring).

The first one I did went a bit wrong - too much gap on the left hand side, so had to put a ribbon there:

The puddings were done on the robo.

CBC big challenge 15

CBC big challenge 15: more than one: '3 to be precise – I want you to make 3 cards. Each card must have the same embellishment or stamp used on it 3 TIMES. Ok so 3 cards all completely different.

Photos are poor, but show the general idea:

CBC big challenge 14

CBC big challenge 14: useful storage: Sue said: 'We all LOVE storage… I want you to make something USEFUL for storage – again it may be for a pressie maybe your nieces hair bands and clips or your nephews phone or perhaps for YOU'

I've got a couple of mesh pots that I bought that house things like pens, scissors etc, but, as you can see from the picture, tweezers and pokey tools sometimes got caught in the holes, which is pretty dangerous.

A day or two ago I treated myself to some apple crisps:

and thought that the container could be altered to house tweezers and pokey tools so that they could no longer poke through holes:

and, because I used paper from the DCWV posies range, it matches up with a pot for big scissors and brushes that I made a few months ago:

CBC big challenge 12

CBC big challenge 12: sew far sew good: '2 cards are required here – no theme at all BUT they MUST include items that you would normally find in a sewing / knitting box.'

I think these will qualify:

Btw the photo of the second one is crooked, not the card.

CBC big challenge 16

I've been asked to make a Christmas card that incorporates a Bible (the person is sending it to someone who has recently been bereaved).

CBC challenge 16: 'Make a CHRISTMAS card using DIE CUTS' seems to fit the bill, especially as Sue said: 'An EXTRA 5 points if you use something on your card that starts with A.'

I've used the quickutz angel di and also the Ellison thin cut Bible:

This is similar to one I did a couple of weeks ago, but with the addition of the Bible and angel.

Salt: From the hymnbook

Today is the fortnightly launch of the Salt challenge. This time it was Lythan's choice and she said:

'Thank you for all the ways you have sung out that "Jesus is Lord". It is so inspiring to see the diversity of ways we can praise through our creativity.
And I (Lythan) would like you to carry on singing through this week's challenge

From the hymnbook

take your inspiration from a hymn or song that means a lot for your faith, Old hymn, new song, overtly Christian or kind of hidden, God speaks to us in music in all sorts of ways.

I can't wait to see your response!'

Please take a look at Salt

There are many hymns and songs, both old and new,that sprang to mind when Lythan told us the topic for this challenge. In the end I decided for my contribution to make myself a prayer journal that I (hopefully) will put to good use (this means that for a change I can keep what I've crafted). I've based it on the hymn 'What a friend we have in Jesus'.

HS:MS anxious

'Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.'

Sadly, there are situations within the family that we are trying not to be too anxious about - and to be honest us worrying will do nothing to change the situations) - but none of this can be captured through a lens.

So I'm choosing something that is trivial really. Having just had the decorators in, they took down the curtain pole that was in the room where I craft and we decided that it should be replaced. The decorators left the plates with screws for the fittings and we're just hoping that the new pole that's just been delivered has the same fitments as the previous one so that the plates that we there can be used. Otherwise it means we've got to ask someone to swap them over, because John can't see to do it and I can't reach (even with steps, I can't lift my arms adequately to do a job like that.

I went into Bromley yesterday and found suitable curtains in Laura Ashley, but couldn't carry them, so hopefully later today when John gets back from a foot health appointment at Guys, we'll go and get them.

So, hopefully, I'll be able soon to share pictures of my finished room. Meanwhile, here is the bare window with the plates and screws waiting for the pole fitments.