Friday 30 September 2011

A lovely surprise to come home to

Before we went away I found out that I'd won a prize on Heidi's Hobbystuggu challenge blog for their July/August challenge - you can read about it here.

I have to admit that with going away for the week I'd forgotten about it. When we got back there was a note through the door from a neighbour who said that she had taken a package that the postman had tried to deliver - I couldn't think what it could be - so it was such a lovely surprise to find that it was a pack of over 50 12 x 12 papers - the photo doesn't do them justice - there are so many tucked away out of sight.

I'm itching to get on and use some of them, but those inserts and bagging need to be done!

If you'd like to see some of our photos from Eastbourne and some crafting goodies I bought then please scroll down or click here.

Blogging again after a break

We returned from Eastbourne yesterday, having had a week of mostly beautiful weather (some rain one morning and one day when mist drifted in from the sea) - a fantastic bonus for this time of the year.

We stayed in a lovely suite which had a sitting room and two bedrooms, one of which had an en-suite bathroom as well as there being a main bathroom - we were thoroughly spoiled and very much enjoyed it.

Sitting room:

Main bedroom (huge bed):

Second bedroom (with en-suite bathroom through the white door):

A rare picture of me taken by John (because he has very little vision he finds taking photos difficult, so doesn't often taken them, but insisted he wanted one of me with my iPad) - a bit of the school m'am look with the reading glasses:

And a few photos I took when we went for a walk:

And now it's back to reality! I'm having a card sale to raise money for Tearfund next Saturday 8 October and I need to get prepared for it. Most of the Christmas cards I've been making throughout the year need inserts and then need to be bagged and labelled, as well as lots of other cards - I must get these done before I make any more - and I'm hoping to have time to make some notebooks and post-it note holders because they usually sell well.

I've already scheduled my new Christmas challenge for tomorrow (I did it before we went to Eastbourne), so that will be shown on here, but, apart from that, I think it will be a few days before I show any new cards.

Before I finish this post, I'll just show some craft goodies that I bought in Eastbourne:

I really would like to get on and use some of these new goodies ... but I must get the inserts and bagging done first (wish I could wave a magic wand and have them done because I find the job so boring).