Wednesday 28 May 2008

We are here!

This is not in any way my crafty outlook, but just a few photos to show that we are here! We got to Thorpe Bay (just along the seafront from Southend-on-Sea) about 3 pm this afternoon - a bit of a hold up at the Dartford tunnel, but, apart from that, the journey was fine.

We have a family room (although just the two of us) and it has a lovely sea view. However, the wind has been blowing hard and the sea is looking far from calm, although actually by now it has improved a bit, and, in fact, while we were having our dinner the sun actually came out for a while.

View from our window (it has a sliding patio door, so, when (if) the weather is nice enough we could sit out on the bench overlooking the sea):

Another view from our room:

Did you notice the TV on the wall - it slopes downwards and is on one of those brackets that you should be able to adjust, but can't. When we switched it on we had a picture and then it went - so we only had sound. Someone came to look and said that it obviously needs replacing but can't be done till morning and that the bracket is broken anyway. Lots of apologies all round - and a free bottle of wine at dinner. When we got back to the room we put it on and the picture came back again (but blinked a few times). The wine was very nice! We were told to choose anything from the list - great temptation to choose a really expensive one, but resisted!

Btw, I can't edit the photos because I had forgotten that I don't have the same software on this little laptop - I used to know how to crop etc in windows photo editor, but can't be bothered to remember how to - well, after all, I am on my jollies!