Friday 25 April 2008

My craft room

At long last I've taken photos of my craft room. We had the room fitted out way back at the end of June (gosh, ten months ago!) and I've often thought about taking pictures. To be fair, it took a while to get the room as it is now - we didn't actually have it decorated until towards the end of the year, so we didn't have these curtains till after then.

So, because I wanted to include a photo in the new CJ for the group of Bumbleberries, I decided this morning to have a tidy up and a photo session. Straight after that I had to get on with the CJ, so the worktop began to look quite different!

The large cupboard on the left goes almost up to the ceiling, so houses quite a bit of stuff. (To the left of that is an old built-in cupboard that was already here, where we keep our coats - and it does have quite a big shelf at the top for extra boxes, but they're not that accessible - and not worthy of a photo!)

The cupboard to the left of the drawers goes into the corner underneath the bookcase - it houses a big craft hold-all on wheels (Christmas stuff in there atm) and also my 12 x 12 scrapbooks etc.

Inside the tall cupboard I have quite a few (!) really useful boxes and also quite a few of the clear plastic type. The black cabinet of drawers on the left used to be freestanding in the room before we had the fitments done, so I especially asked for a built in bit to house this - so handy to be able to shut the big doors on it all.

The worktop is nice and deep (about 30") so there's plenty of space to put things at the back and work at the front - and it stretches all the way from the bookcase that's built in to the right of the tall cupboard to the window the other end.

To the left of where I sit there are four drawers.

To the right of where I sit, there are two shelves that slide out when the cupboard door is open. My printer/scanner is on the top shelf and my craft robo is on the bottom one. And when I'm not using them I can shut the door and they're neatly stowed away.

And then there's my lovely drawers that were a bargain from Poundland. Each drawer houses at least 19 of those 'take away' type boxes that they sell 10 for a £1 in Poundland.

There is a door that opens out on to the garden (lovely in the summer - and we have an awning that comes out to shade the room) - and in the corner is our cental heating boiler - don't really mind that, because it's cosy in here in the winter.

Underneath the Laura Ashley throws that match the curtains are two 'put-you-up' beds that only get occasional use, but have to be kept somewhere - and they give me another surface to pile up if and when necessary.

Back to the worktop:

There is a keyboard shelf (I was going to use a separate keyboard with my laptop, but, although I've got one, I hardly ever use it - I prefer to use the shelf to tuck things away - WIP!

And there's even room service! This was my morning coffee delivery:

You may have wondered (although probably not, because I can't imagine that anyone is still looking this far!) where my actual finished cards are - it's simple, they are on shelves at the top of one of my bedroom wardrobes:

HS:MS twisted

'Bent, curly, inter-twined material or warped state of mind. Have you got something twisted in your space?'

I found these bits in our 'pot pourri' bowl, took the photo, then played around with it, mainly choosing a twisted transparent fade (thought that would add to the 'twisted' look):

New CJ with Bumbleberries group

Kathy is organising a new CJ on Bumbleberries - it's just a group of five (which means it won't be too long before the CJ comes home - a regular once-a-month posting).

As is often the case, although I had an idea of what I would do, I hadn't actually got on with it, so I started it last night and spent this morning doing the rest.

My subject is 'There's no place like home' and, as I wanted to include a photo of my craft room, I wanted to tidy up this morning before I took the photo - lol! So, at last, nearly a year since the room was fitted out (well, it was actually at the end of June last year) I've taken photos of the room, one of which I've used in the CJ - and the others I'll put on the blog later. (I have to confess that the room doesn't usually look as tidy as it does on the photos!)

For the CJ I used BG 6x6 sultry papers throughout, inking the edges with ColorBox chalk lime pastel and then Distress ink tattered rose - although on some of the photos you can't see this, because I somehow chopped the edges when taking the photos because I did them in a hurry in order to get the CJ in the post this afternoon.

So, here is the front cover:




Sign in pages:

Back cover:

CJ put together: